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Some studies on glass pipes and bongs


  When you pick up the newspaper, turn on the TV or log on to social networking sites, you must see a lot of negative news about glass pipes and bongs, which has a great negative impact on glass pipes and bongs.

  I have told you some lies about glass pipes and bongs before, but how do you refute these lies? The following are the results of some common controversial topics in the use of glass pipes and bongs, each with relevant research and strong refutation basis.

  Vampire can improve lung function of smokers.

  Several studies have found that glass pipes and bongs are used to clean the lungs. The most impressive one is Dr. Polosa's study, which shows that lung function of asthmatic patients is significantly improved when using glass pipes and bongs to replace or reduce smoking.

  Glass pipes and bongs can help smokers quit smoking or reduce the amount of smoking, thus reducing the adverse effects of smoking on asthma, "Dr. Polosa wrote. The positive results of using glass pipes and bongs allow us to assume that glass pipes and bongs products have certain value in helping smokers quit smoking or reducing the harm of cigarettes.

  Nicotine does little harm.

  Nicotine is not addicted to other non-expert drugs, such as heroin or cocaine. Many studies have put forward opinions on nicotine addiction. French expert dr. etta found that smoking is more addictive than nicotine.

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  Some glass pipes and bongs users rely on the nicotine-containing glass pipes and bongs oil, but these products are less addictive than cigarettes, "Etter and Eissenberg said. Glass pipes and bongs may be as addictive as nicotine gum or less.

  Glass pipes and bongs contain no formaldehyde.

  According to the New England Journal of Medicine, "glass pipes and bongs products contain a large amount of formaldehyde. Dr. Ferrari North has done experiments that show that only when the sprayer is overheated and severely dried and burned will high concentrations of formaldehyde appear.

  Glass pipes and bongs produce high levels of formaldehyde only when they are dry and burned, "the scientists explained. When the smoke oil is overheated, the smoke oil will cause strong discomfort and users will refuse to use it. Under normal circumstances, glass pipes and bongs emit very little aldehyde, even in the latest high-power equipment.

  Sweet tobacco oil is not a target for children.

  Each of us glass pipes and bongs players will hear a frightening saying: the candy and fruit flavors of tobacco oil are aimed at children. It is believed that everyone who quits smoking will have the experience of replacing cigarettes with other flavors of food.

  The author wrote: "Among the customers who use glass pipes and bongs to quit smoking in the United States, the long-term use of glass pipes and bongs, the use of new equipment and the use of non-tobacco/mint flavor tobacco oil seem to be related to a higher smoking ban rate.

  Glass pipes and bongs are significantly less toxic than cigarettes.

  Almost every week there is a study on glass pipes and bongs vapor. Many studies, including Dr. Goniewicz, show that the toxins in glass pipes and bongs smoke are far lower than those in cigarette smoke.

  The author wrote: "After the cigarette was transferred to glass pipes and bongs, the exposure of nicotine remained unchanged, while the content of other carcinogens and harmful substances decreased significantly.

  Replacing tobacco with glass pipes and bongs can reduce the chance for users to come into contact with a large number of toxic and carcinogenic substances in tobacco cigarettes.

  Glass pipes and bongs cannot guide people to use cigarettes.

  The ugliest claim is that glass pipes and bongs will guide people to use cigarettes. We can find that every research that puts forward relevant arguments has research method problems or the sample size of the research is very small. Respected tobacco researchers have not found that glass pipes and bongs guide people to use cigarettes. They even ask colleagues to open up areas for glass pipes and bongs to prevent smoking.

  Kozlowski and Warner said: "Although both views are supported by relevant research, our current conclusion is that teenagers using glass pipes and bongs are unlikely to increase the likelihood of smoking in the future." Perhaps in the future, wise policies will give glass pipes and bongs a place in modern tobacco control.

  Glass pipes and bongs are not as dangerous as cigarettes.

  According to a series of research cases, we can find that smokers will benefit from the use of glass pipes and bongs.

  Ferrari North and Porosa added: "The evidence so far shows that glass pipes and bongs are less harmful to cigarettes, and smokers' health is expected to improve significantly after switching to glass pipes and bongs.


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