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Four tips: when you smoke glass pipes custom, how do you avoid smoking fumes?

  Cigarette oil has always been an important component of glass pipes custom. In the process of using glass pipes custom, many smokers and friends have smoked cigarette oil. Taking a sip of oil is definitely not a good experience for smokers. In fact, there are still many tips to help you avoid smoking while using glass pipes custom.

  Four Tips: How to Avoid Smoking Cigarette Oil

  Next, the editor will introduce you to four non-smoking glasspipes customs.

  First, try to avoid inhaling too much

  When many people use glass pipes custom, they are used to smoking very hard and want to feel the strongest atomization experience. However, the glass pipes custom air switch is usually sensitive, and too strong suction force will cause the smoke oil to be sucked into the mouth instead of being completely heated by the atomizing core. Therefore, Xiao Bian's suggestion is that when smoking glass pipes custom, the smoker's friend had better not pull hard.

glass pipes and bongs

  Second, make atomization as full as possible.

  The smoke oil of glass pipes custom needs to be fully atomized to prevent smoke from being sucked into the mouth. Therefore, when smokers use glass pipes custom, it is best to smoke as long as possible to ensure that the smoke oil can be completely atomized in the atomizing chamber so as to avoid incomplete atomization of the inhaled smoke oil.

  Try not to turn the cigarette stick upside down.

  Since glass pipes custom does not need to set fire, many smokers' friends do not pay attention to smoking posture when using glass pipes custom. Therefore, during smoking, the pipe is inverted for a long time, causing smoke to flow into the inlet due to gravity.

  Therefore, the editor suggested that the cigarette should not be placed upside down while smoking glass pipes custom. Otherwise, you will not only eat cigarettes, but also make the atomizer dry and burn the core due to improper use, affecting the service life of glass pipes custom!

  IV. Avoid using low voltage as much as possible

  "The capacity of an electronic cigarette is about the same as that of two packs of cigarettes, which is sufficient to meet the smoking demand of 300 cigarettes and is more durable than ordinary cigarettes," he said. In addition, glass pipes custom is a battery-equipped product that has been used for a long time. In this way, many smokers often forget to charge the glass pipes custom so that the glass pipes custom operates at a low voltage. However, when the glass pipes custom is used at a low voltage, the smoker's friend will not fully absorb the smoke due to the atomization of soot oil. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using glass pipes custom under low pressure.

  In short, if you want to use glass pipes custom in the process of non-smoking, you must try to avoid the above problems!


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