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For novice glasspipes cheap: glasspipes cheap is not used like this!

  With the continuous marketing of the glass pipes cheap brand, more and more people have come into contact with glass pipes cheap and have gained a new understanding of glass pipes cheap. many smokers' friends have also started to use glass pipes cheap. However, even when glass pipes cheap is becoming more and more popular, there are still many people who do not study the use of glass pipes cheap and think that glass pipes cheap is only smoking and there is nothing worth noting. As a result, the glass pipes cheap you bought was damaged.

  Use of electronic cigarettes

  In fact, the glass pipes cheap purchased by smokers are sometimes damaged, which is not because the quality of glass pipes cheap products does not meet the standards. More often than not, friends of smokers use the wrong way. Therefore, if smokers can avoid the following problems when using glass pipes cheap, the life of glass pipes cheap can be greatly guaranteed.

  1, avoid inhalation and do not let the atomizer be in a dry combustion state for a long time.

  Since there is no open flame in glass pipes cheap products, there is no need to worry about burning things. Therefore, some smoking friends like to smoke in bed so that the tail of glass pipes cheap can be used at high altitude. Or many smokers' friends will smoke until the oil is completely used up.

  In fact, this cannot be considered a good habit to use glass pipes cheap!

glass pipes spoon

  As glass pipes cheap is produced by atomizing a smoke generator to meet users' smoking needs; Reverse smoking and smoke drying will lead to burning of the glass pipes cheap atomizer core. This will greatly affect the adequacy of atomization and the taste of atomized smoke, and will cause damage to the atomization core. Therefore, the key to protect the life of glass pipes cheap is not to pump glass pipes cheap and not to let the atomizer be in a dry combustion state for a long time.

  2, avoid high temperature environment or direct sunlight

  Glass pipes cheap consists of batteries. Therefore, smokers should avoid making glass pipes cheap in high temperature environment during use, and should also avoid direct sunlight and stay away from heat sources to avoid explosion, spontaneous combustion and other phenomena caused by too high battery temperature.

  3. Avoid long-term charges

  Nowadays, many glass pipes cheap products have charging function. For convenience of use, many smokers and friends are used to charging once at night. This method is easy to damage the battery of glass pipes cheap. Therefore, when charging glass pipes cheap, it is best to control the charging time to about 4 hours to avoid long-term charging affecting the battery life.

  In addition, it is best not to wait until the battery is exhausted before charging, and not to charge until the power supply is completely exhausted, which can easily lead to battery scrap.

  4. Avoid excessive dirt in the sprayer.

  After atomization, the condensed water will stay on the atomizer, and the condensed water accumulated for a long time will condense into dirt, which will affect the normal use of the atomizer. Therefore, in the process of using glass pipes cheap, smokers should also remove the dirt formed by condensed water in time so as not to affect the normal use of atomizers.

  In a word, if you are new to glass pipes cheap and didn't notice the above problems in the process of using glass pipes cheap, then the editor suggests that you should pay attention to it from now on! In order not to allow their glass pipes cheap product life discount or make their glass pipes cheap experience worse!


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