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Outbreak and prohibition of water pipes amazon industry

  In 2019, the domestic water pipes amazon industry ushered in a real year of explosion. Starting from 38 million investments in June 2018, water pipes amazon, which has low threshold, low cost and high profit margin, has become a hot spot in the venture capital industry for a period of time. Later, Luo Yonghao, Uncle Tang Jialu, Huang Taiji and other "Internet celebrities" appeared one after another, thus attracting more attention.

  According to celestial body survey data, between 2016 and 2018, more than 1,000 new water pipes amazon enterprises were registered each year, and more than 2,000 new water pipes amazon enterprises have been added since 2019.

  Is acrylic water pipes amazon the same electronic product, cigarette or drug? As for the supervision of water pipes amazon, different countries have different supervision methods and no unified logo. In the united states, water pipes amazon is regulated by tobacco products. In the UK and Japan, water pipes amazon is under the supervision of drugs and consumer goods. In China, when industry and commerce are registered, water pipes amazon, as an electronic product, will be included in the regulatory scope of the tobacco industry, and the upcoming national standards will further regulate the water pipes amazon industry.

  On May 20, 2017, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau brought water pipes amazon into the scope of supervision as a tobacco product and banned the sale of Water Pipes Amazon without a tobacco monopoly license. On January 16, 2018, the National Standards Committee approved the "water pipes amazon" national standard. On August 28, 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a notice prohibiting the sale of water pipes amazon to minors.

  In November 2019, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the State Market Supervision Administration issued a "Notice on Further Protecting Minors from water pipes amazon Grass" requiring water pipes amazon not to sell to minors, not to sell water pipes amazon through the Internet, and not to advertise water pipes amazon on the Internet.

Can I buy bongs on Amazon?

  He said: "The circular" clearly shows that electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco products (e.g. cigarettes) complement each other, that is, electronic cigarettes are likely to be regulated by traditional tobacco to a considerable extent.

  Yang Ge, founder of Xinghan Capital, said that cheap water pipes amazon is more defined as the FMCG industry. But in fact, there are many kinds of cigarettes, smoke bombs and the whole material supply. From the point of view of cigarette equipment, we think it is a consumer electronic product. But smoke bombs are actually the same as the tobacco industry, so the state will definitely supervise them.

  Yang Ge believed that after the ban on smoking, water pipes amazon soon returned to the specialized control industry, and the "playing method" of the entire industry would be different. However, as far as he knows, the person in charge of the company usually arranges a coordination center to interface with the tobacco department. Therefore, for many companies, people have long been looking forward to banning the sale of water pipes amazon on the Internet. Now it depends on who can enter the compliance management as soon as possible.

  Last year's ban was a good thing for Maxfel. we have always attached great importance to channels, specialty stores, in-store stores and different industries. now there are more than 100 places. We firmly forbid minors to buy water pipes amazon and must show their identity cards. To a large extent, they are in accordance with laws and regulations. On a small level, they are in line with the responsibilities of enterprises, "he said, Jian Huang said.

  In the impression of Kelvin Tong, director of public relations for Magic Flute water pipes amazon, last year the water pipes amazon industry was like blowing balloons, blowing bigger and bigger, including many players who wanted to make quick money to enter the game, and the ban also eliminated some mixed brands.

  Industry insiders believe that in the future, those top manufacturers that have established a complete offline sales system will probably devour the market left by withdrawing small and medium-sized water pipes amazon from the competition.

  In an interview with the media, platinum partners and chief marketing official Hui said that there should be 3-5 national brands and about 10 regional brands in the future market, and the product quality will be greatly improved. The core competitiveness that survived this elimination stage is product technology and channel.

  In the past year, more than 2,000 water pipes amazon enterprises have been registered nationwide. If Fang Hui said that more than 90% of amazon bongs and water pipes enterprises would disappear.


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