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The epidemic situation and competition in dab rigs amazon grass industry.

  In 2020, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the factors such as the stagnation of logistics and the inability of factories to resume work, etc. added together, ushering in the second reshuffle of dab rigs amazon industry.

  Huang Jian told Qian Yun that the severe shortage of tobacco bombs in March had prompted the factory to produce products every day, and now the output has rebounded to 90%. "The market demand is still very strong. Production today will not be available tomorrow." Cigarette bombs are consumables. People buy it every day. SOHO stores sell nearly 100 bombs a day, averaging thousands of dollars a month.

  Huang Jian said dab rigs amazon can now advertise brands online, not products. Maxfel is mainly promoted through outdoor LED advertising, self-service media platforms and offline promotional activities.

  According to media reports in AI, after the network channel is closed, the restructuring process of glass dab rigs amazon industry has accelerated, and offline stores will become the main sales channel in the future. With the introduction of the ban on online sales, the small dab rigs amazon brand, which used to rely on traffic and online marketing, gradually withdrew from the market under the pressure of cost. dab rigs amazon brand with certain financial resources actively seized the consumer market through various channels.

  Now I think dab rigs amazon industry has entered a stable and even bottleneck state. at this stage, it may be more concentrated, the total marketing volume of the whole industry will be reduced, the heads of individual enterprises will be more concentrated, and the proportion and competitiveness of the market will be stronger. Yang Ge, founder of Xinghan Capital, said that every industry will go through a process from 1,000 league wars to industry restructuring, but dab rigs amazon added a non-market factor to promote the industry to upgrade at a faster rate.

What's the best DAB rig?

  Yang Ge believes that there are three changes in the best dab rigs amazon industry: First, under the influence of the ban, the development of the industry will inevitably be hindered and gradually tend to obey, and large domestic tobacco companies may cooperate or integrate in the future. Second, there will be consumer fatigue in industries, capital and product outlets, which will not be as hot as last year. Third, the industry will be affected by the decline in consumption and epidemic situation, as well as the impact of e-commerce on traditional marketing channels.

  Kelvin Tong told Qian Yun that Magic Flute dab rigs amazon has two main modes: first, there are more than 300 stores in the core business circle and shopping center. Second, it is sold in convenience stores, such as convenience bees and Rosen. We have also been paying attention to new retail channels and attempts, but they have not been widely disseminated. At this stage, the employees in the store still need to have the correct guidance to the consumers, to experience the products and to explain the relevant principles. "。

  Different from other brands, there is no telephone sales of flute at present, because brand parties are a bit like harvesting users, which is unreasonable for agents, and we are relatively restrained in this respect. After the online channel is closed, it is necessary to have a very solid offline agent system to segment the market. Kelvin Tong said that the current mode of operation is mainly for agents to do channel operations in various places, providing materials, operations and publicity support to brand parties.

  You can't think about dab rigs amazon online, you can't burn money like Luckin Coffee. Dab rigs amazon Must Make Profits to Survive. Huang Jian believes that protecting the channel and protecting the price system are the things dab rigs amazon brand should do. For example, affected by the epidemic situation, many enterprises are doing WeChat business, and maxfel is doing the same. However, the price system of WeChat business is relatively chaotic, and we will strictly control the price and realize unification. The blind pursuit of fast money and the choice of a low price model will eventually destroy the channels.

  Mini dab rigs amazon, an emerging industry, will have at least three unicorns in the future, and bans and epidemics will enable stronger brands to survive. "Huang Jian said.


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