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glass pipes china is too hot for those talents on the Internet

  There is good news. It was just decided at the meeting that from today to the last day of this month, the company will carry out promotional activities, changing clothes and sending a box of glass blunt pipe, buying two boxes of glass blunt pipe and sending a box. The agent is unlimited, and the non-agent is limited to 100 sets.

  On November 14, Marco told the agent that the company had a rare promotion and urged everyone to buy it quickly. This is the third year of sales by Bolton Group in glass pipes china. As an early conglomerate involved in China's glass pipes china industry, Bolton Group owns more than 20 glass pipes china brands, such as firearms, NOS, lentils, LCE Blizzard, etc.

  The industry was still making a lot of money in the first two years. This year, it suddenly attracted public attention and the control over supervision changed accordingly. "On November 1, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Supervision jointly issued a notice on further protecting minors from glass pipes china, explicitly requiring glass pipes china enterprises to close their sales websites or customers, delete advertisements on the Internet, and require e-commerce platforms to close electronic cigarette shops in time and remove glass pipes china products from shelves. The agent poured a pot of cold water to prepare the brand for the original palm wipe.

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  The entire glass bowl pipe industry has tightened relations and no one dares to act rashly. The next step in banning online sales is no longer to allow offline sales?

  Not long ago, on November 12, Caixin reporter revealed, "At present, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has held a meeting, explicitly requiring the bottom line of" forbidding the sale of glass pipes china to minors "and requiring physical stores on campus to cancel products related to glass pipes china in accordance with local laws and regulations. However, if the surrounding area of the campus is not involved, it is not allowed to force it to remove glass pipes china from the physical store or impose a fine in any form. The spokesman said: "In addition, there should be no written" notice "or" notice "to regulate cigarette retailers or glass pipes china stores.

  The article was made into a growth map, and "don't force physical stores to lower glass pipes china or any form of punishment" was encircled by red lines and scattered among the major glass pipes china groups. the frozen atmosphere began to relax. the initial complaint was "to kill all of us?" The agents started cheering each other. If you don't check, this is an opportunity. "If you let go, take the car and goods back to the store for the Spring Festival.

  The clean glass pipe Brand Party also responded quickly, so the scene began and the promotion was to push the agents. Once off-line, it means that the brand war will start again. Seizing the agent is the key step to win.

  In a short period of half a month, the ups and downs of the glass pipes china industry are just a crazy corner. Since last year, the story has not been so simple.


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