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Cheap glass pipes industry: losing money and making money

  "cheap glass pipes is indeed a huge profit, but the profit-making organizations may not be able to make it." Some netizens left a message on the network platform saying, "cheap glass pipes is more likely to choose representative factories than the way handset manufacturers choose to build their own factories." .

  Because the threshold for cheap glass pipes is not high, it was not difficult to make led in Shenzhen and Dongguan before. The factory that produces mobile phone accessories was changed to glass pipes china. However, for a period of time, with the influx of so many brands, the situation that there are more monks than porridge has made dairy farms more powerful.

  It is reported that cheap glass pipes manufacturers will even choose brands and customers at this stage. Many factories do not cooperate with non-brand-name enterprises and even put forward many requirements for brand-name enterprises during the accounting period. For example, some factories will not start work until they receive a deposit or even full payment. Only when the brand pays off the balance can they pick up the goods.

  The upstream of the industrial chain is subject to the agency factory, and the downstream does not have much say.

wholesale glass pipes no minimum

  The tobacco industry is not allowed to advertise in China, so it must occupy the sales channels and sell like crazy. According to the person in charge of Magic Flute, the number of channel employees accounts for more than half of the company.

  Off-line channels include convenience stores, physical stores, nightclubs, Internet cafes, KTV, gas stations, shopping malls, etc. The entrance fee for a convenience chain store has risen to 1 million yuan.

  A glass oil burner pipe entrepreneur told News Channel: "The total profit has been handed over to the channel and the brand is basically making money at a loss." . Despite a year of ups and downs, the ups and downs of the C-end cheap glass pipes have not increased, and it seems that they are not angry.

  "At present, almost all cheap glass pipes projects in China are B-side businesses. It's very difficult to do C-side business, and we can't tell a story, "said the entrepreneur, who said that the one-time shipment volume of this channel can reach tens of millions. If we put these data on the C side, I'm afraid we won't be able to do it in three months.

  At this point, the cheap glass pipes market is more like a dynamic capital game.


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