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What to do for the water pipe china industry under the epidemic situation

  What ultimately decides the survival of water pipe china is the will of the country. As water pipe china cannot get rid of the attribute of tobacco, the water pipe china industry has been wandering in the marginal zone, the safety has not been certified by the authorities, and its future development direction is still unclear.

  Now, once the ban on online sales comes into effect, funds begin to tighten up. One investor told Neweed, "It is difficult to raise funds now. Who dares to invest at this time?

  But some investors said, "To be honest, water pipe china does not mean that it can be cleaned. Their main channel is offline, and offline does not mean good governance.

  It can be predicted that in the water pipes for sale industry, the scope of application is wider, the regulations are more detailed, the legal effect is higher, and the penalties and responsibilities are clearer, which is already at risk. At that time, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have technological and brand competitiveness will be washed away.

sailor moon water pipe

  At the same time, some entrepreneurs have analyzed that after the national standards are issued, some state-owned tobacco enterprises and research institutions may also participate in this field, and the powerful water pipe china company may also have the opportunity to participate. It is possible to become a supplier of large (tobacco) companies and even develop independently according to standards.

  Marco is not too worried because most of the company's income comes from overseas. In fact, water pipe china is the fastest in emerging industries. Yuechi, Xuejia, Flow and other brands have gone to sea.

  On the other hand, he believes that the landing of supervision will bring about the orderly development of the industry, while the disorderly development of the "random pricing" industry will bring chaos.

  In the end, the water pipe smoking industry may not be cold because of this, but restructuring of the industry is obviously inevitable.


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