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In response to health concerns, Apple has taken 181 glass bongs for sale apps off the shelves.   

  In response to health concerns, Apple has taken 181 glass bongs for sale apps off the shelves.

  According to foreign media reports, as the health problems caused by glass bong bowls become more and more serious, Apple decided to sell 181 glass bongs for sale-related applications from the application store.

  According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 42 people in the United States died of acute lung injury related to aerosolized glass bongs for sale. Although some people only use nicotine cigarette packs, most people use cigarette packs containing tetrahydrocannabinoid acid.

  Apple has never allowed glass bongs for sale to be sold directly through applications. However, it is undeniable that there are some applications in the application mall that allow people to control the temperature and brightness of glass bongs for sale, or news, social networking and gaming applications related to glass bongs for sale.

  Since June, Apple has stopped accepting new apps that promote glass bongs for sale.

  Users who have already installed glass bongs for sale-related applications on the iphone can continue to use these applications and install them on new devices.

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  "We are very careful to make the Apple App Store a reliable place for consumers, especially young people, to download apps," Apple said in a statement. . We have also been evaluating applications and referring to the latest data to determine risks to users' health and well-being. Recently, experts from the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association have attributed various lung injuries and deaths to the glass bongs for sale product, and even called the spread of glass bongs for sale a public health crisis and a juvenile epidemic. We agree with the expert's analysis and have updated the Application Mall Review Guide to prohibit the use of applications that encourage or promote the use of glass bongs for sale. From today on, these applications will be banned from downloading. "

  Matthew L.Myers, chairman of the youth smoke-free movement, said: "the youth smoke-free movement commends apple for taking this important step and contributing to the youth glass bongs for sale problem. By uninstalling applications related to glass bongs for sale from the app store, apple will help reduce teenagers' exposure to cheapglasswater bonds marketing and prevent them from using these products. Apple actively participates in corporate social responsibility and sets a good example for protecting young people. "


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