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The glass pipes tuyere has passed, play has changed


  "Two pieces of glass pipes news spread rapidly in the industry," he said. "one was a positive overseas research report by the information integration department on the health of e-atomized cigarettes, and the other was a response from guangdong tobacco confirming that e-atomized cigarettes were not part of the tobacco monopoly industry."After months of silence in the glass pipescommunity, the debate over lookah glass dab rig products, channels and policies is once again alive.All kinds of out-of-the-box reviews, as well as product publicity, are also beginning to make a lot of sense.

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  Even with such uncertainty, new brands are entering the game.Feixi, the glass pipesbrand, quietly stepped into the fray in April, saying the first phase would receive 50m from DinghiCommunications.

  It was difficult for Lao zhao to sit in his own seat.One step forward is the mire, one step backward is the abyss.His opponent was ready to act, but instinct told him that now was not the time to act rashly."The fashion is not the past, the policy is not clear, the risk is too great.

  Rolling earth "is fake" restart "is real.

  Are water pipes making a comeback?It seems to be true, but if you look closely, you'll see that the scroll is fake.

  In the first quarter of this year, the national tobacco company put forward a proposal for discussion, said wang zeqi, founder of platinum lookah glass bongs.It intends to work with the authorities towards the end of the second quarter to review the market specifications for e-atomised cigarettes and to scrutinise and approve the supply of some of the core ingredients for e-atomised cigarettes.These measures may be delayed because of the pandemic.But if implemented, it will have a huge impact on the industry.Many people don't know they've been through a thunderstorm.".

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  The development trajectory of domestic water pipes is the same as before. The market has changed, the players have changed, and the way they play has changed.

  First, the online business has completely become a thing of the past and offline business should be restarted.

  During the period of popularity, headtype glass pipesplayers are increasing the distribution of offline channels, typically by increasing subsidies to attract offline franchisees.

  At the end of last year, platinum launched the "thousand city" project, ready to invest 300 million yuan subsidy, opened its 10000 stores in 1000 cities around the country, established on February 11, 20 million yuan of "retail support fund", scientists announced the next day launched five supporting policies and tens of millions of yuan partners subsidy, February 25, "the magic flute" also announced a 10 million yuan subsidy program.At the end of march, the government will issue $1,000 worth of goods for the distribution service of franchised shops.

  The online subsidy wars and wars of war have moved offline, and the epidemic has not in any way dampened the enthusiasm of the chief player.In April this year, Yooz had joined 410 stores and more than 60 new apps, CAI revealed.More and more agents are supporting the lookah glass rig industry, and everyone is looking for new business opportunities because of the recent epidemic.

  Second, the industry bid farewell to brutal growth, game rules start again.

  The year before, some of the players who rushed in with venture capital did a lot of stupid things, picking up stones and throwing them at the industry's feet.The industry is now more standardised than it was last year.Analysis by wang zeqi.

  The industry used to operate in a popular fashion -- financing, expansion, financing, price wars, refinancing.The Internet is awash with advertising, the offline with noise and high-profile battles.To the outside world, much of this is speculation driven by windfall profits.

  Now, instead of referring to onokazu, his glass pipesproject, Mr. Luo has signed up for a bean print, started a physical sale, and teamed up with zhu xiaomu, founder of foulu's e-cigarette.Some glass pipesfounders say the market has seen little action from yoko ono and fuku this year, and it is common for fuku agents to lose money.

  "If many new brands continue to function as they did in the past, the chances of survival are not high and differentiated competition is becoming more and more important," CAI said.

  An agent representing both Yooz and Yooz had little impact on sales during the period of popularity, as he was one of the first agents and had a large and stable customer base.Addictive products, stores with customers, or very stable new stores will be very difficult."Eat the stock market, a slightly growing market.


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