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Big data analysis seahorse lookah's latest market situation

  September is destined to be a period of great unrest in the seahorse lookah industry. The spread of negative news in the United States has led to the tightening of its regulatory policy. Although no authoritative department has given any definite evidence to prove it, seahorse lookah is still caught in a huge whirlpool of public opinion controversy.

  In this context, what changes have taken place in the seahorse lookah market? In order to obtain more real feedback on the market situation, Xiaobian randomly surveyed 125 seahorse lookah industry practitioners, mainly involving the brand, factories, supply chains and channels of seahorse lookah.

  We can see that seahorse lookah brand, proxy factory and supply chain account for a large proportion in this research. let's look at the analysis results.

  1. 69% of seahorse lookah enterprises exporting to the US market suffered a significant decrease in orders.

  According to the survey results, in terms of the changes in orders of seahorse lookah, seahorse lookah enterprises exporting to the US market unexpectedly encountered a significant decrease in orders, accounting for 69%. We can see that the market changes in China and Europe are basically the same. The proportions of unchanged orders (40-50%), reduced orders (30-40%) and increased orders (10-20%) are not very different. It can be judged as a normal situation of the market. It also shows that the seahorse lookah market in China and Europe is basically unaffected or not affected.

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  Data from Southeast Asia show that the proportion of orders significantly reduced has increased to 50%, which may be due to the adjustment of regulatory policies of seahorse lookah in India, New Zealand and other places. However, judging from the 37% proportion of orders with little change, Southeast Asia seahorse lookah market is less affected, but the growth rate of the market has slowed down.

  2. Summary of Changes in Global seahorse lookah Regulatory Policy

  The fluctuation of the water pipes for sale market cannot be separated from the influence of regulatory policies. let's look at the changes in the regulatory policies of seahorse lookah in the world.


  U.S. seahorse lookah's regulatory policy adjustment has been reported by many media, and we must have seen a lot of it. In general, the regulatory policies of the US states are basically aimed at adjusting seasonings seasonings lookah, while the atomized seasonings lookah with tobacco flavor will not be affected. At the same time, they adjusted the age of legal purchasers of seahorse lookah from 18 to 21.


  All along, Britain has been supportive of seahorse lookah and plans to turn all UK smokers who smoke traditional cigarettes to seahorse lookah by 2030. Recently, in Birmingham area in northern England, two of the largest medical institutions opened a sales network of Seahorselookhah and began to sell Seahorselookhah.

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  The domestic regulatory standard for seahorse lookah was started in October 2017 and has not yet been formally promulgated.

  New Zealand

  Jenny Salesa, New Zealand's Deputy Health Minister, said that the sale of seahorse lookah's flavors would be restricted to three flavors, including tobacco, menthol and mint.

  Southeast Asia

  Malaysia: Malaysia's Deputy Health Minister Li Wencai said recently that he plans to draw up a new tobacco law, which will include the control of seahorse lookah cigarettes under an independent law.

  Indonesia and the philippines have not adjusted the regulatory policies of seahorse lookah.

  Middle East

  The United Arab Emirates Standardization and Metrology Agency (ESMA) announced on February 16, 2019 that it would lift the sales ban on glass pipes amazon. The regulations include allowing the sale of seahorse lookah, seahorse lookah buckets, electronic hookah and rehydration devices, and regulating the import, manufacture, sale and packaging. It will also cover PMI's heating non-combustion equipment IQOS and other non-thermal combustion tobacco products.


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