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With the tightening of domestic policies, how can Chinese seahorse lookah enterprises survive in the

  Recently, the seahorse lookah industry actually has the flavor of entertainment circle. First, a CEO was asked to leave the conference for unannounced visits to friends, then the data of the conference was questioned, and even there was a brand infighting incident. It was unprecedented to eat melons at once. All of the above are just melon eating incidents. What really makes Chinese seahorse lookah enterprises feel anxious and bald are these two developments: the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau is suspected to have begun to investigate seahorse lookah, and foreign brands of seahorse lookah are gradually entering China.

  1. National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Suspected to Begin Investigating seahorse lookah

  Cigarette oil is a necessary consumable for atomizing seahorse lookah, of which nicotine salt is one of the main components of most seahorse lookah cigarette oil and is a crystal formed by reacting free nicotine with organic salt and combining with other organic components. At home, nicotine is controlled by the state.

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  According to media reports on August 19, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has recently issued relevant documents calling for strengthening the supervision of new tobacco products, mainly involving non-burning models and seahorse lookah, which will severely punish and crack down on related enterprises that illegally obtain nicotine raw materials.

  The news was released on August 19. When I checked it on the morning of August 22, I found the deleted articles. Therefore, it can only be said that the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau is suspected to have begun to make a thorough investigation of seahorse lookah. The specific information is subject to the official announcement.

  A small advertisement will be inserted here. Beijing shiqiao biotechnology co., ltd, a manufacturer that exclusively synthesizes nicotine in China and has exclusive approval documents for nicotine drugs, will appear in 2019 China (dongguan) seahorse lookah industrial chain exhibition, booth number is M29, I want to see it, click here to sign up for the exhibition.

  2. Apart from Lookah, many foreign brands have entered China one after another.

  There are uncertain reports that JUUL has already recruited people in Beijing and has reached the stage of team formation. According to its style of play, after the team is formed, China may be divided into several "war zones", and then in each "war zone", headhunters will pay high prices to dig up the most influential local channel leaders, such as Shang Chao, convenience stores, drinks, dairy products, etc. through these channels, the distribution of goods will be completed quickly. In addition, besides Lookah's planned presence in China, there are also the following recent developments in the seahorse lookah brand.

  1. the second largest independent seahorse lookah brand in the United States enters the domestic market

  According to the big steam report, on August 7, a brand named LOVEVAPE luvip, seahorse lookah, entered the domestic seahorse lookah market and went online on the jingdong platform, a leading e-commerce company in the country.

  According to the report, LOVEVAPE Luvip is the second largest independent brand in the United States, the 21st Century Smoke, which is directly affiliated to China. Since 2010, the latter has built up 10,000 commercial super convenient channels in North America. seahorse lookah has sold more than 20 million cigarette bombs overseas in a total amount of more than 500 million yuan, with the highest repurchase rate reaching 78.3%, reaching the industry leading level. According to industry sources, LOVEVAPE Luvip has signed the world-renowned spice brand Bolton Group as a tobacco, oil and spice partner and GMP10000 pharmaceutical workshop as a strategic manufacturing partner.

  2. seahorse lookah brand lamileimi, which became popular with video.

  In the past two days, a video co-produced by seahorse lookah brand lamileimi and Japanese mechanical dance company "World Order" has become popular. let's not say much, let's first feel why it is popular ~

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  The video has been played over 70,000 times in Tencent. It is understood that Japan's mechanical dance troupe "World Order" is a 7-member dance performance group led by 6 male dancers led by former general combatant and actor Fujimoto. They became popular with their unique mechanical dance, and several big factories such as Dell and Xiaomi have asked them to speak for them.

  However, the Lamileimi brand of seahorse lookah has a low profile. There has been no exact information before. Some people say it is the Japanese brand of seahorse lookah. However, atomized seahorse lookah is prohibited in Japan and basically does not burn when heated. Therefore, it is said here to be the brand of Japan seahorse lookah, and Xiao Bian expressed doubts for the time being. Since there is not too much information, I will not go into details here. I can only say that this endorsement is well found. It seems that Lao Luo has not heard anything about Chen Guanxi's endorsement for a long time.

  Three, China's seahorse lookah enterprises how to do a good job in response?

  At present, China's seahorse lookah national standard has not yet been issued. Although the overall wind direction is good, there are unknown variables in the policy of not landing. The regulatory policy on this side has not yet come to fruition, and the foreign brand seahorse lookah has already entered the market with a strong presence. It is really too difficult for Chinese local seahorse lookah enterprises.

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  How should Chinese seahorse lookah enterprises cope with the pressure? Xiaobian believes that the policy is nothing more than paying close attention to the dynamics of relevant departments and regulating their own production. As for how to deal with the pressure brought by the presence of foreign brands, we can see how some seahorse lookah brands are doing. The following two types of discussions are mainly summarized.

  Globalized layout: For example, Relx Yueke, bink Ice Shell, Moti Magic Flute and other foreign markets such as Southeast Asia, North Korea and North America have been laid out in succession in addition to domestic channels. There are also those who have worked in foreign markets for many years and returned to China, such as Bordeaux and Tigray.

  Lookah seahorse Supply Chain Integration: There has been no successful integration at present, but there are signs, such as Fulu building its own factory and implementing two parallel lines of self-production and outsourcing.


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