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Game between traditional tobacco groups of glass pipes for smoking enterprises

  Since the beginning of the year, glass pipes for smoking has become a new hot topic in the venture capital industry. Although a lot of people have started to be glass pipes for smoking industry profits, quickly into this; But at the same time, there is more scepticism: can a product that does not have a clear policy, that seems to be in the interests of tobacco groups, and that has not yet been fully proven to be harmless, really set off a new wave?

  To this end, on February 27, the new voices of consumption invited 8 researchers and practitioners related to the glass pipes for smoking industry to organize a small salon to discuss relevant issues. One day the wind securities Wu Li, communication university of China, the deputy director of the institute of chartered and monopoly Guo Xiaoyu, deputy director of the centre for the study of whale smoke contain Wel Qiu Yiwu founder, autobots capital investment partners into Leo, Qingdao glass pipes for smoking, vice President of chamber of commerce, embellish sheng electric business channel glass pipes for smoking, head of the monopoly Guo Lei, as well as the trend of community Instreet Jiang Han founder.

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  Overall, it is a well-established fact that the growth of small, closed cigarettes, which can improve the efficiency of nicotine intake and achieve harm reduction in cigarettes, is on the rise. However, there are complicated factors contributing to this growth: for example, the government began to crack down on the import of heating and non-burning glass pipes for smoking, which led glass pipes for smoking practitioners to research and produce glass pipes for smoking products using tobacco oil, thus increasing production and expanding the market. Secondly, young people who pursue technology, trends and fashion are more able to understand and embrace this new way of consuming nicotine.

  The current situation is that entrepreneurs in the glass pipes for smoking industry still have a window and bonus period to promote products and build brands. However, with the influx of a large number of entrepreneurs this year, price wars, subsidy wars, product quality crises and public opinion crises are likely to appear in the glass pipes for smoking industry.

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  Meanwhile, the giants are still watching. Although the world's four largest tobacco companies will not set foot in China for the time being, various companies affiliated with China tobacco, such as yunnan China tobacco and sichuan China tobacco, all have their own glass pipes for smoking departments and have strong r&d capabilities. Once they are officially in the game, the industry will change dramatically.

  Therefore, another way for glass pipes for smoking practitioners is to actively seek cooperation with tobacco companies. For example, warburg, a food flavor company, and jing-chia, a tobacco packaging company, both established early partnerships with tobacco companies and became leading players in their respective industries.


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