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Compare the glass bong king industry with the mobile phone industry

  Looking back at the glass bong king industry in China in 2018, a significant change is that the technology, Internet, mobile phone and other industries have started to comprehensively enter glass bong king.

  At the end of 2018, the much-discussed "mobile phone entering glass bong king" made it hard to see what it was like to see flowers in a cloud. Finally, the final decision was made at the mobile phone launch meeting of youshang. It was announced that the former technology core member and product director of youshang formally established the glass bong king brand and has launched the actual product. As a matter of fact, all kinds of "rumors" have been circulating in the mobile phone and glass bong king industry long before this friend business. Several major players in the mobile phone industry have been reported to have dabbled in glass bong king. Why is the glass bong king industry suddenly so "connected" to the mobile phone industry? Perhaps you will understand this after reading the following analysis.

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  Similarities between the glass bong king industry and the mobile phone industry

  1. It's all consumer goods

  With the progress of society, the development of economy and the improvement of people's material life, mass consumer goods will also increase. Once expensive, niche mobile phones have become a mass consumer product, and it is only natural for young people to own one. As the technology of glass bong king industry matures, glass bong king is becoming more and more popular, and it is no longer a niche or pure player product. In particular, more and more integrated small cigarettes appear, and the birth of nicotine salt technology, glass bong king, which is small in size, simple to use, convenient and low in price, is more and more accepted by smokers. Like the mobile phone, it has gradually become a consumer product. However, the mobile phone is a universal product, with more users than glass bong king.

  2. They are all electronic products

  Although glass bong king and mobile phones have different appearance and functions, they are both electronic products. Glass bong king is mainly composed of battery cell, solution version, switch and atomizer. The battery is out of power and needs to be charged by a charger. Mobile phones are mainly composed of battery cells, electronic components and software systems. When the battery is out of power, it also needs a charger to recharge.

  3. The product correlation properties are the same

  The relationship between mobile phone and communication network is the same as that between glass bong king and cigarette oil. Mobile phones need communication network to make phone calls, send text messages and surf the Internet. Glass bong king needs cigarette oil to smoke! The communication network is consumable, and the tobacco oil is also consumable. The tobacco oil has different tastes, such as tobacco, fruit, cake, wine and beverage, which can meet the needs of different people. Communication network in order to meet the needs of different groups of people, set up a different network package.

  4. Technology upgrading is fast

  In the 20 years of development, the appearance of the mobile phone has evolved from a simple big brick, a single phone function, to include game consoles, MP3, photography, recording, video, positioning and many other functions, all inclusive. It changes very quickly. Glass bong king, like mobile phones, changes quickly. Glass bong king was born in 2003. In more than ten years' time, it has evolved from the original glass bong king simulation smoke type disposable glass bong king into EGO pole, mechanical pole, pressure regulating mechanical pole, mechanical box, power regulating box, temperature control box, and now the integrated glass bong king small cigarette.

  Differences between the glass bong king industry and the mobile phone industry

  1. Perfection of industry standards and supervision

  For the mobile phone industry, industry standards and regulations have become more mature. For the glass bong king industry, industry standards and regulation are still in their infancy and there is still a long way to go. Because of the similarities between the glass bong king industry and the mobile phone industry, in an article "visions of future glass bong king regulatory policies in China", I imagined that the specific regulatory policies of glass bong king in China in the future would be referred to the practices of the mobile phone industry. "No matter which company makes glass bong king, as long as it is in accordance with the standard, the smoke oil should be under direct control."

  2. Different market conditions

  The market competition in the mobile phone, Internet and other industries is becoming increasingly fierce, and the dividend period has become a history, which makes these enterprises have to look for new outlets. In contrast, glass bong king has a low entry threshold, a relatively simple product structure and a wide range of user groups, which is undoubtedly a very suitable choice.

  3. Different customer groups

  The difference here is mainly due to consumers' different degrees of recognition. In contrast, ordinary consumers' acceptance of glass bong king is far less than that of mobile phones. And mobile phones, the Internet industry in the promotion, marketing and other aspects have very mature, meticulous "routine", completely ok "dimension reduction" to paraphrase in glass bong king products, is bound to glass bong king of popularization and promotion play a positive role in promoting, no matter which brand, ultimately benefit will be glass bong king industries.

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  In general, although mobile phone and glass bong king are two different commodities, the mobile phone industry and glass bong king are the same. The purpose of mobile phone is to make communication more convenient, bring more communication and improve the quality of life. Glass bong king is to give up smoking and bring more health.

  For the glass bong king industry, on the one hand, we hope to learn from the mobile phone industry and improve the industry standard and regulatory system of glass bong king. "Look at what the phone industry is doing. Glass bong king sets, no matter which company makes them, are made according to the standard."

  On the other hand, under the help of technology, Internet, mobile phone and capital, glass bong king in China is about to usher in an unprecedented new high-speed development trend. How to seize this opportunity and ride a free ride is the most important problem for glass bong king in the industry.


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