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The disappearing water pipe bong brand in the water pipe bong industry

  All the time, under the hype of the water pipe bong industry manufacturers and media, the domestic water pipe bong market opportunities have been infinitely enlarged, but the fact is that the hype is little. In fact, there is no pure intention to talk down the domestic market. Please don't misunderstand me. Frankly speaking, the domestic water pipe bong market has huge potential based on the huge smokers' market, but so far the domestic market has not really formed a certain scale, and the consumer group is mainly concentrated in the player circle. As to why this is, the reasons are well known.

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  Of course, this does not mean that there is no opportunity in the current domestic market, in fact, a lot of brands deep cultivation of the domestic market do very well, adhere to down. Regrettably, some brands had to give up halfway and left a good memory. So, do you still remember the hot water pipe bong chain brand that once fought for the domestic market with lofty aspirations?

  1. I love water pipe bong(2015-2017)

  I love water pipe bong, a water pipe bong chain brand operated by shenzhen lejia weiye electronic technology co., LTD. In September 2015, the "water pipe bong · China" activity organized by I love water pipe bong chain brand actively promoted and popularized the water pipe bong culture, which caused a strong response in the industry.

  2. Water pipe bong(2011-2015)

  Water pipe bong is a series of water pipe bong products designed and developed by shenzhen indel electronics co., LTD. (shenzhen desenick technology development co., LTD.) and produced by hubei yichang niedao technology development co., LTD., which is specially for the Chinese market.

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  In addition to the above two, there are many brands of water pipe bong that have disappeared or are on the verge of disappearing. As for these water pipe bong chain brands, why did they lose their foothold in the domestic water pipe bong field? What is the problem and what can we learn from it? Analysts say they have their own problems, as well as market problems and, more importantly, policy problems.


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