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Does the correct understanding of glass pipes China have an effect on smoking cessation

  As smartisan technology, tongdao uncle and other capitals enter glass pipes China industry, glass pipes China seems to become the "outlet" of entrepreneurship in 2019, and this year is also known as the "first year of glass pipes China". Although most surveys believe that the domestic market was driven by the news that "Juul of the United States was acquired by Philip morris", in fact, more than six glass pipes China enterprises have publicly raised funds in the past year, and the source capital, IDG, sino angel fund and other well-known institutions are involved.

  Obviously, capital has been eyeing the development of glass pipes China project for a long time. However, due to the capital into the glass pipes, China industry not only lead to accelerate the development of the market, more let "glass pipes China" three word become the media and people in the eyes of anti-smoking "buzz object", even the message pointed out that: domestic will glass pipes China into tobacco control policy, the purpose is to suppress the capital to join glass pipes after the China market, are incredible growth ".

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  Indeed, if there is news concerning the new type of tobacco, it can be found that many recent reports on "glass pipes China for capital layout" have included "health issues", such as "health risks of glass pipes China", "glass pipes China is more dangerous than cigarettes" and "which is more harmful, glass pipes China or ordinary cigarettes? 'and so on, which also makes a lot of people who are or are about to become glass pipes China users feel shy.

  But is glass pipes China really, as the mainstream media put it, a "money-maker with a healthy name"? In fact, this is not the case. Many public health organizations have determined that "glass pipes China is less harmful than combustible tobacco products". The following examples illustrate "why glass pipes China is worth promoting" and "what changes it will bring to the health of traditional smokers".

  First, last year, the American cancer society noted that "glass pipes China alone is better for people than continuing to smoke combustible cigarettes." In the same year, the country's national academy of science, engineering and medical sciences concluded that "the switch from combustible cigarettes to glass pipes China can reduce the short-term adverse health effects of the human organ system".

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  On the other hand, a recent study by the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) found that glass pipes China contained less formaldehyde than the average American household. As a matter of fact, droplets of water vapor generated by glass pipes China will evaporate and disappear ina few seconds, which is consistent with the air sample before steam generation, indicating that "glass pipes China fog has a much smaller impact on indoor air quality than traditional cigarettes".

  Moreover, these are consistent with the findings of public health England. The department of public health (PHE) and the royal college of internal medicine found that "glass pipes China is 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes and reduces more than 7,000 harmful substances". In December 2018, the British government launched a "smoke replacement campaign", trying to convince smokers in the UK that "glass pipes China is not as harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes and is a better way to quit smoking".


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