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WHO Representative in Philippines Admits glass pipes custom Is Safer than Cigarette

  On March 11, according to foreign reports glass pipes custom, WHO openly opposes the use of electronic cigarette products. In fact, last September, two leaked papers by WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) showed that the organization was trying to regulate evaporable products in the same way as combustible counterparts.

  At the same time, the WHO representative, Dr. Ranti Fayokun, a national non-communicable disease control tobacco control scientist, acknowledged the relative safety of products at a hearing on electronic cigarette regulations held in the Philippine House of Representatives.

  On the other hand, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced a ban on the use and import of electronic cigarettes and said anyone using the product would be arrested.

  Duterte used to be an old smoker and suffered health consequences due to his habits. He naturally took a stern stand on cigarettes.

  Unfortunately hand blown glass pipes, he holds the same position on electronic cigarette products, but he does not know that the equipment is an excellent tool for quitting smoking and reducing hazards.

  Meanwhile, at the above-mentioned Philippine congressional hearing, addiction psychotherapist and lawyer Dr. Andrew da Roza pointed out that the ban would be counterproductive. "They (WHO) said that if you are a country that cannot make laws and enforce them, you must ban them. To me, this is a contradiction. A country cannot carry out perfect supervision, but the last thing it needs to do is to ban it, because the black market will proliferate. This is an issue of great importance to children. If we ban things glass pipes colorchanging, if we do not regulate things, we will create a black market that does not care about children, the elderly, or us at all. "


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