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The Philippines has brought buy glass pipes into the scope of control and will no longer violently b

  After being seriously misunderstood in the Philippines last year, buy glass pipes finally received a rational view on February 28 this year.

  Last year, when there were cases of lung injury in the Philippines, they were mistaken for electronic cigarettes. The government's attitude towards electronic cigarettes was very strict and even rose to the level of the president.

  On November 19, local time last year, Philippine President Duterte delivered a very severe speech on electronic cigarettes, saying that the use and import of electronic cigarettes would be banned and anyone using electronic cigarettes would be arrested.

  "I want to ban it, including use and import. Do you know why? Because it is toxic, the government has the right to introduce measures to protect public health and public interests, "Duterte said.

  Just hours after Philippine President Duterte announced that the use of electronic cigarettes would be banned, Philippine police received an order on November 20, 2019 to start arresting people who use electronic cigarettes in public.

  After this storm, the Chinese New Year in 2020 finally began to usher in good news!

  On February 28, 2020, the Philippine Presidential Office announced an executive order signed by President Duterte, amending the national ban on smoking promulgated in 2017 to include electronic cigarettes.

  Although hand blown glass pipes are included in the scope of control, the executive order stipulates that enterprises involved in manufacturing or selling electronic cigarettes can operate after registering with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and obtaining a license. Enterprises are also required to comply with the relevant standards set by the Philippine government in the process of operation.

  This administrative decree marks the beginning of standardized development of electronic cigarettes in the Philippines. The Philippine government no longer treats electronic cigarettes simply, roughly and across the board! Philippine government no longer bans the use and import of electronic cigarettes!

  Of course, it can't be purely positive, and there must be some restrictions on electronic cigarettes. According to the executive order, the minimum age for legal purchase, possession or use of various tobacco products including electronic cigarettes in the Philippines is 21 years old.

  Except for designated glass pipes areas, electronic cigarettes are prohibited in public places (similar to the regulations in cities such as North, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou in China). The new rules will take effect 15 days after their promulgation.


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