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Neuroscientist: glass pipes for smoking Harms Brain Development

  According to a report in Science magazine, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held on February 14, Yale University neuroscientist Marina Picciotto talked about some early discoveries made mainly in animals. She said that e-cigarettes have been very popular in the past 10 years, "we still don't know the consequences of long-term intake of e-cigarette liquid or nicotine contained in it." But now it is beginning to show signs. Picciotto's research shows that teenagers in nicotine environment may have structural changes in their brains during development, which will have negative effects on their water pipes future behaviors.

  Research: DNA changes caused by electronic cigarette are similar to cancer

  According to foreign reports, a new study shows that the DNA of e-cigarette users may have potential carcinogenic changes, similar to those found in glass pipes. These chemical changes (called epigenetic changes) may lead to gene failure. Researchers pointed out that they exist in almost all types of cancer and other serious diseases. Ahmad Besara, associate professor of preventive medicine at UCLA's Keck School of Medicine, said: "This does not mean these people will develop cancer." "But what we see is that the same changes in chemical labels that can be detected in tumors of cancer patients are also found in e-cigarettes or smokers. This is probably due to exposure to carcinogenic chemicals present in cigarette smoke and their levels are usually much lower, including the vapors of e-cigarettes." He said in a school press release.

  A man in London was burned to the third degree by an glass pipes for sale explosion and released photos of his injuries as a warning.

  According to the London News, Richard Bingham, a 37-year-old builder, was taken to hospital because his electronic cigarette exploded in his pocket after touching the key. When the incident occurred last summer, he was working at Whittington Hospital in holloway and was immediately sent to A&E for treatment. Richard then shared photos of burns to warn others of the danger of electronic cigarettes.


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