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Kentucky House of Representatives Passes Tax Bill onglass pipes custom Products

  February 28 News: According to foreign reports, Kentucky's House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday that would tax glass pipe products and increase taxes on snuff and chewing tobacco.

  House Bill 32, which is expected to raise US$ 50 million in the next two years, aims to curb smoking and smokeless tobacco use in one of the country's states with the highest cancer incidence, while also raising much-needed income budgets for cash-strapped people.

  The bill passed 75-17 and is now submitted to the Senate.

  Representative Jerry Miller of R-Louisville said the goal of the bill is to make people pay more for products that may be harmful to their health.

  Miller said that we know that for brains under 26, they are still developing, and nicotine only stimulates addiction and other problems. We have seen that some children are addicted to the point where they have to give up track and field because it will affect their health.

  The tax bill will raise the wholesale tax on other glass pipes and bongs  products from 15% to 20%, and impose the tax on electronic tobacco products.

  Kentucky's e-cigarette has postponed legislation, saying its products are designed to help people quit smoking.

  Governor Andy Beshear proposed to raise taxes on electronic cigarettes and tobacco products to help balance last month's proposed budget, but Miller's bill differs from the governor's proposal in several respects. Beshear proposed to raise the tax per pack of cigarettes by 10 cents and impose a tax on electronic aerosolized liquid.

  He said the governor's proposal would tax electronic cigarette products by volume, which he said was the way companies like JUUL wanted to tax.

  The bill only allows stores licensed by Kentucky's Alcohol Beverage Control to sell flavored glass pipes custom products or e-cigarette products with nicotine content higher than 5.1%.


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