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Mexico Prohibits Importing All glass pipes for smoking Products According to WHO Guidelines

  February 26 News: According to foreign reports, Mexico has banned the import of all glass pipes for smoking products according to a presidential decree. The new law will take effect on February 20, banning all electronic cigarette products, including zero nicotine electronic liquid, and even the sale of hardware without electronic cigarette oil.

  The president used various unsubstantiated health reasons for the ban on electronic cigarettes and cited the recommendations of the influential World Health Organization.

  Such as this:

  It is reported that the use of these electronic cigarette devices will lead to respiratory tract inflammation, white blood cell increase, bilateral lung turbidity (lung spots), low oxygen content in blood and even respiratory failure. Besides increasing the sensitivity of airway cells to viral infection, its long-term use is expected to increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

  Lopez Obrador's decree, in addition to claiming that glass pipes cause chronic lung diseases, strongly suggests that nicotine electronic cigarettes are the cause of some lung injuries related to electronic atomization in the United States, but these lung injuries are caused by illegal THC sesame oil diluted with vitamin E acetate.

  He did this by using old data (such as the CDC alert of September 11) and did not explain that many early cases involved patients who lied about using illegal linseed oil products.

  The main reason for the ban is the ideology of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its tobacco control agency, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), funded by Bloomberg. Lopez Obrador's decree lists the risks advocated in various Framework Convention on Tobacco Control documents, including the alleged hazards of used steam.

  … WHO concluded that people exposed to aerosols exhaled by buy glass pipes users have health risks. Particulates, including ultra-fine and ultra-fine particulates and new sources of air pollution such as 1,2, propylene glycol, certain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and heavy metals (such as nickel and chromium) and nicotine; Therefore, compared with the ambient air level, the increase in the concentration of toxic substances in foreign aerosols poses a greater risk to the health of any exposed personnel.


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