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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Update buy glass pipes Atomization Data: 2807 Patients

  On February 26, the US CDC official smoke shop website updated the latest data on US electronic aerosolized lung disease on the 25th local time. As of February 18, 2020, the cumulative number of patients was 2807 and 68 died.

  After a sharp increase in August 2019 and a peak in September, visits to the emergency department of electronic aerosolized lung disease continued to decline. Active case reports from health departments in all states of the country show that the related symptoms or cases rose sharply in August 2019, peaked in September 2019, and then gradually but continuously decreased.

  The last data update was on February 11, when the number of cases was 2758 and 64 died. The data increased 14 days later.

  Laboratory data show that vitamin E acetate (an additive in some THC-containing recreational marijuana or electronic aerosolized products) is closely related to the outbreak of glass water pipes aerosolized lung disease.


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