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Massachusetts sued Juul, saying it had evidence of selling glass water pipes to minors.

  February 13 News: According to foreign reports, Massachusetts has made a big news. Yesterday, the Attorney General said glass pipes near me that he would hold a press conference at 11: 30 local time to release important issues about Juul. Today, major US media reported on this.

  The Massachusetts Attorney General said in a lawsuit against Juul on Wednesday that Juul has long said that its nicotine electronic atomizing device is designed for adult smokers, not teenagers. However, the company's internal documents show that the electronic cigarette giant's early advertising campaign specifically targeted young people, leading to a nationwide electronic cigarette epidemic crisis among young people.

  Attorney General Maura Healey said at a press conference: Juul knew it was sold to children and they have scoured the Internet.

  According to the lawsuit, Juul deliberately created advertisements to attract young and cool people and refused alternative campaigns for elderly smokers who wish to quit smoking. It tried to hand over its equipment to Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and hundreds of other celebrities and social media influencers. It has bought advertisements on children's websites, including Nickelodeon, cartoon network, youth magazines, and even glass pipes for smoking some advertisements allegedly targeting preschool children.

  Healy said: You are doing your math homework, and then Juul will pop up.

  Healy claimed that even if the smoking rate among teenagers continued to decline, the marketing campaign still triggered a new generation of children addicted to nicotine. Last year, as diseases and deaths caused by electronic atomization were ultimately related to equipment containing cannabis extract, many teenagers said they could not stop using electronic cigarettes.

  Healey said about one-third of high school students in Massachusetts use e-cigarettes. According to a federal survey, about 27% of high school students nationwide smoked last month.

  Emma Tigerman, a 19-year-old sophomore at Northeastern University, said: I remember Juul is different from cigarettes. I have been addicted to nicotine for four years.

  Juul is not the only e-cigarette brand, but it is the largest brand.

  By the end of 2018, it has occupied three quarters of the U.S. market, which makes it regarded by anti-hand blown glass pipes advocates as the main catalyst for the youth electronic cigarette crisis. One of its high-dose nicotine cartridges contains as many addictive stimulants as a pack of cigarettes. The main concern for health is that nicotine addiction will interfere with brain development, make young people easy to smoke and become addicted to alcohol and other drugs.


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