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Most Americans still believe that nicotine glass pipes cheap cause fatal lung injury.

  February 12 News: According to foreign reports, most Americans believe that the recent lung injury related to glass pipes cheap atomization is caused by nicotine glass pipes cheap cigarette. The accident has resulted in 60 deaths and more than 2,700 hospitalizations.

  According to a recent consultation survey, only 28% of the public know that the illegally adulterated THC marijuana glass pipes cheap aerosolized products are the cause of the injury, not nicotine products.

  A poll released last week counted 2,200 adults in the last week of January. Last September, Morning Consultancy conducted a similar poll, which coincided with the peak of lung injury outbreaks.

  Both opinion polls have a margin of error of 2%.

  Now, more and more people think that compared with last autumn, nicotine-containing glass pipes cheap aerosols do more harm to the lungs.

  In September, 58% of the respondents mistakenly believed that "glass pipes cheap cigarettes such as Juul" were the cause of the injury. In January, this number has increased to 66%. The proportion of THC marijuana glass pipes cheap aerosolized products correctly attributed to dropped from 34% to 28%.

  What has changed from last September to late January? The answer is obvious: more and more people hear and believe that the false news of the CDC comes directly from the CDC or reports its findings through unimportant news media.

  The agency has never identified the additive used in the illegal THC smoke bomb as the only culprit causing lung injury. Vitamin E acetate is a thick, oil soluble, tasteless and tasteless substance, which is very suitable for diluting sesame oil.

  Since the black market THC glass pipes sherlock bombs have never been tested for effectiveness, users cannot determine whether the products they buy are 90% pure or 50% or less. Immoral marijuana processors doubled or tripled their money by reducing the amount of oil shipped to street sellers.

  But except for one thing, it was perfect: inhaling vaporized vitamin e acetate will kill you.

  Even before Leafly first reported vitamin E acetate in black market THC smoke bombs on August 30, there was a lot of evidence that the outbreak of lung diseases was caused by some substance in black market THC smoke bombs. When Leafly's report appeared, only one person died and 215 were hospitalized.

  If CDC had chosen to issue a notice warning all users of marijuana e-cigarettes that they were risking their lives using illegal THC bombs, it would have been reported in every newspaper, radio and television in the country, and the bad situation might soon disappear.

  Instead, the agency took part in an elaborate investigation, and unsuspecting marijuana smokers continued to fall ill and die for several months.

  CDC deliberately avoided using the actual terminology used by sesame oil users to describe glass pipes custom products that cause lung injury. On the contrary, the health authorities have misled the public by suggesting in their press releases that nicotine aerosols should be at least partially responsible, and will continue to do so.


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